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  1. Freaky News about Your Brain

    I am constantly amazed by how little is known about the way our brain works, but I am equally impressed by how much we are learning every day.  Just today I was reading an article that that talks about brain research around why people walk in circles when they are lost, why some people (myself […]

  2. DEN Summer School – VoiceThread and DE Media

    VoiceThread is one of my favorite Web 2.0 applications for education and it’s a perfect partner for Discovery Education’s rich media content.  I will be featuring VoiceThread during the August 25, 2009, DEN Summer School Webinar. You can access the resources from this webinar by clicking below.  The webinar archive will be available on the […]

  3. DEN Leadership Council Symposium

    The Discovery Education Network held a Leadership Symposium for three days in June at the Discovery headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Donna Criswell, Massachusetts Leadership Council Chair, and Robin Talkowski, Massachusetts Blog Coordinator attended the event  with other Council members from across the United States.  We had a great time learning about the recent changes […]

  4. DEN Summer School – Web 2.0 Week

    Get ready for a new school year with the DEN!  Tell a colleague, invite your principal and join us for Summer School with the DEN.  Enroll today at: All sessions begin at 11 AM ET. These sessions are recorded and the presentation resources and archives will be made available at: Web 2.0 Week […]

  5. LA's Action-Packed Autumn

         We are gearing up for some exciting Louisiana DEN events and other professional development this fall.  Remember the DEN Summer Series is ongoing this week with webcasts everyday at 10 a.m.  Be sure to check the National Blog for information how to log on and get in!  “ActivConnectLA” users group/mini-conference will be held at […]

  6. Can vs. Should

    This summer I did the unthinkable – I unplugged. No blogging, no podcasting, no trips to DEN events or NECC (even though it was local this year)… Well, OK, so I checked my email every now and then and occasionally  checked Plurk, but the bottom line is I took a break from all the cool […]

  7. Virtual Conference

     The in-state sites for the October 24th virtual conference are as follows:  Glenda Jenkins and Daniel Moix co-hosting at ASMSA in Hot Springs Evelyn McFadden hosting at Har-Ber High School in Springdale Karen Wells hosting at Midland High School in Pleasant Plains Make plans now to attend one.

  8. Teacher Day at Staples

    Today, August 22, 2009 was teacher day at Staples in Kennett Square, PA. Meg Basilio and Robin Martin set up a DiscoveryEducation table along with several other vendors to showcase the DEN. I was baffled by how many teachers did NOT even know about DiscoveryEducation Streaming! The most common teacher that visited with us today […]

  9. Meet our Leadership Chair

    Donna Criswell holds the position of Curriculum Specialist for Technology for the Sudbury, MA K-8 Public School District. Training teachers, students, administrators and parents in the integration of technology into the  curriculum has been her passion for over 23 years. With an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education and Masters in Educational Technology, Donna has supported […]

  10. Meet the Massachusetts Leadership Council

    The Massachusetts Leadership Council works to coordinate the Massachusetts DEN with the larger DEN community.  We work as a team to keep communication alive, sponsor regional and state-wide DEN events, and keep our Massachusetts blog active and informative.  Last spring Massachusetts STARS were asked to express their interest in becoming a part of a newly […]

  11. The Bodies Exhibit – Open House for Educators

    Thinking about taking your class on a field trip into Manhattan to see The Bodies Exhibit? “This educational exhibition showcases real, whole body specimens along with authentic individual organs; some healthy, some diseased. These real human bodies have been meticulously dissected, preserved through an innovative process and respectfully presented, giving visitors the opportunity to view […]

  12. Welcome Back to School!

    It’s that time of year again. The  school year is new and full of promise and excitement. While you are making your plans for the year, be sure to check our web site and Discovery Educator’s Network for awesome ideas that you can use in your classroom. Also, Missouri DEN Leadership Council is planning many […]

  13. Collaboration Between Tennessee and Arkansas

    The Arkansas Leadership Council is supporting the Tennessee Leadership Council by participating in the Western TN Day of Discovery.  Information has been included below for those of you who would like to attend.  Members of the Arkansas LC will be presenting at the event.  Western TN Day of Discovery Registration Form – St. George’s Independent […]

  14. Stories for FREE!

    Isn’t it amazing how the word “FREE” always catches our attention!  As educators we are always looking for free ways to bring technology to the classroom.  Recently I found a website that allows anyone to download stories to mp3 players and is FREE.  Storynory is an excellent resource for teaching fairytales, classics like Alice in Wonderland […]

  15. Free Audio Book Downloads

    I came across a pretty cool website that might be of interest to teachers and students at the start of the school year. is a website that offers free MP3 streams and downloads of audio books. Here’s a sampling of some school readings. Call of the Wild – Jack London The Prince – Nicollo […]

  16. Discovery Parent Corner

    Discovery has launched a new website called Discovery Parent Corner.  The website is designed to “Parent Corner provides parents and others a powerful suite of free digital resources that can help bridge the gap between home and school, and ensures that parents and other caregivers have the digital tools they need to help students continue […]