Where in the World (Wide Web 2.0) is the DEN?

Yes, Discovery Educators have made themselves know on Web 2.0 tools.   After all, call them social networking tools, so certainly the Discovery Educator Network folks ought to be using, connecting, and learning on these tools.   A few web 2.0 places to find DEN and the Texas DEN are:

http://twitter.com/TXDENLC   http://twitter.com/DEN

On FaceBook:
Name: Discovery Educator Network
Category: Organizations – Academic Organizations





http://den.wikispaces.com/   http://texasden.wikispaces.com/

So, come on!  Explore the World (Wide Web 2.0)!


  1. Howard Martin

    Thanks for sharing these. I didn’t know some of them existed. Yea!!

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