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It's a Wrap – Creative Online Projects for PreK – 6th Classrooms

It's a Wrap – Creative Online Projects for PreK – 6th Classrooms

      Macsmom Alcott (Jennifer Wagner – RL) of www.jenuinetech.com presented on creative online projects for the PreK-6th classroom.        Why does Macsmom do projects (and why should you consider doing online projects)? 1.    Creativity – projects breath new life into lessons 2.    Collaboration – let’s face it, we all work better when we work

Scientific American Mind: A New Vision for Teaching Science

There is a great article from Scientific American Mind that presents new strategies and pedagogy for teaching science across all grade levels. The key points talk to: Two recent reports from the National Research Council call for significant changes in the way science is taught in elementary school. Unlike previous recommendations, the new suggestions reflect

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 09/16/2009

The Florida Center for Reading Research Tags: reading, literacy, LanguageArts Elementary SMART Lessons Tags: Smartboard, Lessons, Notebook, SMART, interactivewhiteboards, smartboardresources Posted from Diigo. The rest of Discovery Educator Network group favorite links are here.

Experience the Adventures With Your Students

As you may know, 10 STAR Discovery Educators and their students had the opportunity to experience amazing trips this summer to Australia, South Africa and China through the Discovery Student Adventures program. Bring your students next month for a series of three special webinars where we’ll learn from our STARs and their students about the countries and the

It's Not Too Late!

Our Punt, Pass, Kick workshop is scheduled for this Saturday, September 19th.  It is not too late to register!  We will cover DE Streaming and Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom in the half-day session. Don’t fear! You WILL get to see the TN vs. FL game in the afternoon! You can register by following