CDW-G and Discovery Education Help You Understand Web 2.0


CDW-G and Discovery Education are pleased to bring an awesome free resource to educators around the globe about ways to use Web 2.0 in your classrooms.

The program features lesson plans, activities, links and more to help you conquer technophobia and learn all about Web 2.0.  My favorite part of the site is the collection of powerful videos featuring our very own Hall Davidson and Steve Dembo.  They are perfect for staff development workshops!

Check out the site today and share it with your colleagues.


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  1. Susan Vinson said:

    I love the organized links, so I can quickly find great sites for specific purposes!

  2. Donna Teuber said:

    Thanks so much for this great resource. I can’t wait to share it with teachers at my school.

  3. Mimi Herald said:

    Great resource for those who want to get in the know and go with Web 2.0. Steve and Hal are GREAT on the intro video! Thanks to ALL at Discovery and CDW-G for the support.