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Classrooms are Awesome

Classrooms are Awesome

Upload a 1-2 minute video, podcast, or other multimedia file that explains how you use Discovery Education resources to engage your students. Whether you take students on virtual field trips, or guide students as they produce their own multimedia projects, we’d like to share your ideas with the entire Discovery Education community. Each submitter will

DEN Challenge: Try something new!

If there is an organization that does a lot for educators, it would be the DEN. As much as I go around and encourage others to join the group, I even forget all of the opportunities there are for teachers. If you have just joined or haven’t visited in awhile I challenge you to try

Save the Date – October 7th

Ooooooooh, this is exciting!  We’re taking a ‘field trip’ (hmmmmm….wonder if that’s what one calls it in Second Life?).  This Wednesday we will be visiting Shamblesguru Voom as he presents on ‘Networking, Data Mining, Surival Skill…and Other Ramblings’ (Subtitled:  ‘Personal Learning Networks and Second Life’).  Actually, let me rephrase that — according to Shamblesguru, this

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 10/03/2009

copyrightfriendly – home Tags: copyright, photos, music, creativecommons, media, resources, clipart placeSpotting.com | The online map game | solve This is a great activity for integrating geography with technology! Tags: geography, maps, google_earth, social_studies, technology – By eva harvell Boolify Project: An Educational Boolean Search Tool a site which “makes it easier for students to

Flipcams and Snow Leopard

I’ve been getting a few questions from Mac users (including myself) who recently updated to Mac OSX 10.6 wondering what happened to their Flip camcorder accessibility. Turns out it’s just a matter of re-installing the latest Flip software and/or adding Perian to your bag of tricks in order to get the 3ivx codec. Now go

Looking for STEM Classroom Resources?

Reserve your space for a STEM webinar Tuesday, October 6th at 7PM/ET   Join Discovery Education for an engaging event on how to expand your  lesson focus to include STEM–Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. If your school or school district is moving toward a collaborative curricula among math, science, engineering and technology or you just need