Archives for October 4, 2009

  1. MediaShare – Did you Know?

    So what exactly is MediaShare? Well on the Quick Start Guide, Discovery Education describes it as “a web-based content   sharing system that enables educators to utilize the best resources through uploading, sharing, managing, and distributing user-created or licensed, digital content.” But what does that mean? Well basically, as a member of the Discovery Educator Network […]

  2. Tech or Treat Sign Ups Available!

      Saturday, October 24, 2009 9 AM to 4 PM ET Click here to register for the virtual sessions.  OR register for one of the many in-person events hosted by our DEN Leadership Councils. Mobile, AL Hot Springs, AR Pleasant Plains, AR Springdale, AR Wichita, KS Shreveport, LA Silver Spring, MD Battle Creek, MI Schnecksville, […]

  3. Classrooms Are Awesome! The Return of the Discovery Education Hoodie

    We know that you do some awesome work in your classrooms using Discovery Education resources. So show us! Upload a 1-2 minute video, podcast, or other multimedia file that explains how you use Discovery Education resources to engage your students and get a limited edition Discovery Education sweatshirt (aka DE Hoodie). Share your work and […]

  4. Discovery Education on Twitter

    Image via CrunchBase Over the years, we’ve come to associate a wealth of resources with Discovery Education. Does anyone provide professional development, interdisciplinary resources, innovation in educational firsts, webinars, EdTechConnect series, special events (and I know I am missing something here) better than Discovery. Purely rhetorical, because we all know the answer. Sometimes there is […]

  5. Tech or Treat

      On Saturday, October 24, 2009 join thousands of educators online and in-person as the DEN team goes house to house to explore the many digital treats available to educators today.  During this unique professional development event you have the flexibility to attend online or in-person at one of many regional events hosted by the […]

  6. Wondering Where DEN Diigo Went?

    You might have noticed an absence of the Daily DEN Diigo Group Bookmarks on the PA blog. And you would be right. At our last Leadership Council phone conference, we decided to move the group bookmarks to a new page, which appears as a tab across the top of the blog, under the banner. If […]

  7. Apply To Be A DEN GURU

    Reposted from the DEN National Blog In the past four years the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) has grown in many different ways including the variety of ways educators may participate in the community.  You can be a Discovery Educator and participate in the online community.  You can apply to become a STAR Discovery Educator and […]