Wow #2: Animoto

Animoto.comimageAnimoto claims that it will put an “end to slideshows”.  And once use it, you’ll probably agree.  I use it both in my personal life as well as with my students, and it’s one of my favorite web 2.0 tools (for a number of reasons).  Here are a few of the top reasons why you’ll want to try it for yourself:

  • Cinematic “Artificial Intelligence”
    • Animoto automatically analyzes the music, photos and video clips that you choose, and orchestrates a custom video. Leaving you and your students free to focus on the content and narrative of their videos.
  • Remix
    • No two Animoto videos are ever the same.  The remix button lets you quickly remix your videos to create a completely new video. Use the one-click remix to instantly create a new video, or do a complete remix with new photos and music.
  • Include text
  • Accepts Both Still Images & Video Clips
  • Import Images from your Computer, Camera, OR Online Storage Site (Flickr, Picasa, etc.)
  • FREE All-Access Account for Educators
    • A “regular” free account only lets you create short, 30-second videos and store up to 3 videos at a time. BUT…. as an educator, you can get a FREE, ALL ACCESS ACCOUNT!  This means you and all of your students, whom you can organize into classes (groups) on the Animoto website, can create an unlimited amount of “ full-length” videos.  Applying for an educator account is easy.  Just visit the following link & click on “APPLY NOW”:

·        Spotlight

o   Lets you give specific image added prominence and screen time in your video.

·        Share and Download

o   Share your videos via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, embed them in a blog/website, export to YouTube, or download to a computer for use in presentations.

To learn how to set your students up with All-Access via your
Classroom Code, go to:

To download a printable “How-to Use Your Classroom Code” guide for
your students, go to:

About your Classroom Code:

* It must be redeemed within 1 month
* It gives you and your students 6 months of All-Access
* When you’d like a new Classroom Code, re-apply for one at

* When your All-Access runs out, re-apply for a Code at

and they’ll set you up again!

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.  Have some fun making magic with music and video!

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