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SC EdTech 2009 …. Care to share?

SC EdTech 2009 …. Care to share?

Another EdTech has pulled together South Carolina’s best and brightest STARS! Last week, educators from our wonderful state traveled to Myrtle Beach for some fun in the…well, not much sun at all. What we DID find were fellow DEN members and STARS who were ready to learn, collaborate, and share. STARS were all over the

Gentle Reminder: Newbie Session

Do you wonder how you can keep your avatar from slumping over mid-conversation (not polite) or use your camera tool to view what’s on the second floor without going actually going up there? Do you know how close someone needs to be to hear “chat” conversation? Or when to “whisper” or “shout”? Do you want

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 10/20/2009

The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements Tags: humor, science, chemistry, periodictable, comics, Reference, fun, periodic LitTunes HOME Of Mice and Men “The LitTunes strategy, which directs students to make connections from their reading to their music, is one I define by the term Musical Intertextuality (2009).” Tags: literature, education, music, littunes, of mice