Archives for October 21, 2009

  1. Chris Dede: New Strategies for Educational Assessment

    Just in case you missed Discovery Education’s Kick Off of their EdTechConnect Webinar Series with Chris Dede, it will be available shortly at the DEN Archives. Modern interactive media (e.g., wikis, social tagging systems, multi-player games, augmented realities) allow capturing rich streams of data about student actions while learning. Analyzing this multi-dimensional data can provide […]

  2. Twitter as a collaborative tool

    Want to learn more about how Twitter can be used as a collaborative tool in education?  Then you won’t want to miss out on reading this recent article from EdWeek.  Kathleen Manzo, the author, interviewed quite a few educators to determine how Twitter is actually be used in classrooms.  Among those interviewed?  STAR Discovery Educator […]

  3. How I became so SMART!

    Over the past few years, interactive whiteboards have become more and more popular in schools around the world.  Many teachers are finding out how to effectively use this awesome resource while others are using them for glorified projector screens.  Maybe we need to reiterate that these are INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARDS…meaning that they are for interacting.  I […]