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Many Great Treats

Many Great Treats

The DEN’s Fall Virtual Conference – Tech or Treat was replete with many great treats.  For seven hours participants learned many tricks for using Discovery Education and Web 2.0 resources to enrich our student’s educational experiences.  Don’t worry if you could not attend today.  Each session was recorded and will be archived and available on

End-of-Day Winners: Priceless!

If you spent the day with the DEN Virtual Conference Live Event or participated virtually, you were definitely a winner.  You cannot leave any Discovery event without reaping huge benefits.  Sometimes you win prizes, as so many of our participants did, but even for those who did not walk away with a giveaway, they were

Just what the Michigan Weather calls for

Classrooms Are Awesome! The Return of the Discovery Education Hoodie We know that you do some awesome work in your classrooms using Discovery Education resources.  So show us!  Upload a 1-2 minute video, podcast, or other multimedia file that explains how you use Discovery Education resources to engage your students and get a limited edition

Can I Help You With That? with Justin Karkow

I came to Justin Karkow’s presentation late from blogging our live event with Patti Duncan, so I missed the intro.  But his message soon became apparent: we often ask students to check how they learn best when they enter our classrooms.  He showed us the old job wheel, contrasted by the 21st century job wheel. 

Ten Things Betya Didn't Know You Could Do With DE…with Patti Duncan

The no-so-spooky hour of 2 has just passed, and we’re live again with Patti Duncan, who admits that earlier presentations, both live and virtual, stole most of her tools.  According to her, however, she has many tools in her pockets, so she is good to go.  Her goal: despite whatever your level of use, she

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 10/24/2009

dafont.com Free fonts that can be used for presentations. Shared during the DEN Virtual Conference 2009 Tags: fonts, font, design, typography, resources, graphics, presentations, Powerpoint, Keynote – By Heather Hurley Trulia Hindsight – Maps of Properties Through Time Tags: visualization, population, geography Three Interesting Ways to Use Audio in your Classroom Tags: audio, podcasting, classroom,