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DEN Virtual Conference Archives Posted

DEN Virtual Conference Archives Posted

Over 1600 educators attended the DEN Virtual Conference last Saturday and I think about 1300 of them emailed me to ask when the archives will be available!  Well, thanks for waiting patiently, and now your patience is being rewarded! The entire Virtual Conference, all seven hours of it, has now been posted online!  If you

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 10/29/2009

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Welcome LC CT!

We are very excited to welcome our newest DEN Leadership Council from the great state of Connecticut!  You definitely want to check out their blog. Their first event, blogged by Steve Sokolski, shows that a good time was had by all.  Great sharing and “take aways” already abound in CT, so you might want to

DE Science for Elementary earns an Award of Excellence!

Tech and Learning Magazine released their annual Awards of Excellence this week and guess who made the list?  Discovery Education Science for Elementary!  Every year, T&L has a panel of 30 educators review nearly one hundred different sites and tools.  We’re absolutely honored to have DE Science for Elementary earn an Award of Excellence in

Where Are All The STARs?

Cross-posted from DEN Blog Presenting at state and national conferences near you, that’s where! We’ve put together an ever-growing list of presentations by STAR Discovery Educators at state and national conferences around the country. If you are attending a conference listed below, please stop by and show your support for your fellow STARs. And don’t

No Tricks, Maybe a Treat

I just want to remind you all of the Department of Education’s invitation to have students (13 years and older) share the importance and relevance that their education has and will have in their lives. The deadline is Monday, November 2nd. Reposted from September 26th: I am what I Learn Apparently, that’s what the Department

It's a Wrap

I logged in at 7:47 p.m. (EST) and the next time I looked at my clock it was already 9 p.m. (EST)!!!  The time just flew as Knowclue Kidd shared her experiences in using machinima with her students.  The clips she shared were those in which her students played a central role. For those of

A Den Shining Star

Lori Reed, a Texas DEN Star Educator, is featured SmartTechnologies website.  Catch her shining moment at !  What creative ways do you have to use interactive whiteboards, like the Smart Board, with Discovery products?  If you have a special  moment –  such as being featured on a website, presenting at a conference, receiving an award, or