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North & South LA Team Up

Calling All STARS!  It is up to you to help spread the word…and find new recruits!  The Louisiana Leadership Council is heading to Baton Rouge December 2-4 for the state LACUE Conference.  If you have not registered for the conference yet, click here.  If you are planning on attending the conference, please join us for

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 11/15/2009

Concept to Classroom: Course Menu Tags: no_tag Amazing Cells Tags: cells, biology, animation, science, interactive, tutorial TopTen for Young Learners – All the Best! Thanks @glovely Tags: web2.0, tools, technology, primary, education, learning – By Fred Delventhal MEPC – TeachMideast – Educational Resources on the Middle East and Islam – Stereotypes & Realities Tags: mepc,