1. Lynda McInnis

    I would like to get in touch with Porter Palmer. I am a new user with the Think Link scores for my school and I saw there was a webinar in December, 2009, about Data.

    I would like to know if you archived that webinar and if I may access it somehow.
    Thanks very much.
    Lynda McInnis

  2. Lynda McInnis

    Hi, Ms. Palmer.
    The webinar I am extremely interested in is the
    one that was broadcase on Dec. 3rd of 2009: Using Data to Improve Assessment.It is not the “Benchmark Projection” webinar.
    If you don’t have any archives, could you please give me some resources you used in that professional development webinar?

    Thank you.
    Lynda McInnis

  3. Lynda McInnis

    Sorry, that should have read, “…broadcast…”
    Lynda McInnis

  4. Porter Palmer

    Hi Lynda, That webinar was done by EdWeek, and I just shared the link to it here on our blog. It wasn’t a webinar by us or even on Discovery Education Assessment. I have looked on EdWeek for an archive, but do not see one. If you’re looking for some resources to use about DE Assessment, check out the Presentations tab above. There are a couple of presentations there that might help.

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