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  1. Meet Your LA LC COSTARS

    The Louisiana Leadership Council is STAR-Struck by the activities for our DEN members!. We recently hosted two face-to-face Virtual Conference sessions in North and South Louisiana, presented at Regional & State Conferences, and will be teaming up at LACUE (Dec. 2-4). We are planning more exciting activities, so for more STAR Scoop, keep checking our […]

  2. Den Updates

    *Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge* – The Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge ( ) is open to K-8 this year and next year it will be K-12. Since this is a program that the vast majority (and next year everyone) of the community can participate in I wanted to truly enroll […]

  3. Meeting a Storm Chaser!

    In my current position, or should I say positions(I wear many hats) I get to see a lot of exciting activities.  In addition to being the Director of Technology Integration for Propel Schools, I am the science coordinator.  I am the SOS or Specialist on Site.  I believe that this was due to my knowledge […]

  4. North & South LA Team Up

    Calling All STARS!  It is up to you to help spread the word…and find new recruits!  The Louisiana Leadership Council is heading to Baton Rouge December 2-4 for the state LACUE Conference.  If you have not registered for the conference yet, click here.  If you are planning on attending the conference, please join us for […]

  5. Leonardo DaVinci's Workshop – Free Premiere

    Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity for DEN Educators! Presenting Leonardo DaVinci’s Workshop A Free Premiere for DEN Educators. Discovery Times Square Exposition 226 West 44th Street Monday, Nov. 30th from 4 – 10p for a Free Preview of this World Premier Exhibit! Plus, book your class field trip and receive: • Discounted student tickets just […]

  6. Siemens "We Can Change The World" Challenge

    The LCs around the country just received an email from Lance Rougeux explaining the prizes available to STAR Discovery Educators and State Leadership Councils. The Siemens’ “We Can Change The World” Challenge is open to K-8 teachers this year.  (Don’t worry, it will be K-12 next year).  Since this is a program that the vast […]

  7. The DEN Can Change the World

    We have a lot of programs that teachers and their students can participate in for free.  One of my personal favorites is the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge. The Challenge is designed to help your students work together to solve an environmental problem in their… Classroom (K-2) School (3-5) Community (6-8) Participating is […]

  8. PBS & Classroom 2.0 Live Webinars: Sid the Science Kid on Germs, Viruses, and Vaccines

    PBS Teachers and Classroom 2.0 , with support from Elluminate, are partnering on a series of free monthly webinars designed to help preK-12 educators learn new ways to integrate online instructional resources in the classroom and engage students in curriculum lessons. Join them on Tuesday, November 17th at 8pm Eastern to share information about a currently […]

  9. Day of Discovery!

    A day of learning, creating, and sharing is scheduled for Tuesday November 17th at the EDCO Seefurth Center in Waltham.  Highlights of the day will include learning about the digital resources available through Discovery, creating a Glogster, and discovering how to share and collaborate with others.  The Day of Discovery is jointly sponsored by Discovery […]

  10. Speak Up

    Here’s your chance to share your views and ideas on 21st century education and technology. The Speak Up National Research Project collects and reports on the views and opinions of students, parents and educators on critical 21st century education issues. Speak Up is facilitated by a non-profit organization – Project Tomorrow®.  Data findings are shared […]

  11. Administrators and Technnology Evaluation (by way of the Twitter hashtag – #edchat)

    A very cool thing happens on Twitter on Tuesdays. It is called #edchat which is an outgrowth of #teachertuesdays. The syntax of #edchat and #teachertuesdays is called a hashtag in Twitter. Hashtags are used to mark or label a tweet so that a conversation on a particular topic can be followed. In this case #teachertuesday […]

  12. The Latest from Larry Ferlazzo

    Do you subscribe to Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day? Or follow his generous tweets @Larryferlazzo on Twitter? I have found that Larry is a steady stream of interesting educational links.  Larry is starting to post his annual end of the year round up starting with this recent post – The “Best Articles (and Blog […]