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Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 12/31/2009

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 12/31/2009

Orisinal : Morning Sunshine Tags: game Phun – 2D physics sandbox – Home Tags: physics, science, education, Interactive, game Twitter and Tumblr Subscribe to an Accuweather Twitter feed for daily forecasts. Tags: weather, twitter, tumblr, forecast, accuweather – By Jennifer Dorman Twitter Bot This bot allows you to message AccuWx for the weather

Happy New Year

Wishing a happy and healthy New Year to all the world’s educators.  Through commitment, creativity, and innovation, we can provide all students with the best education possible to meet today’s and tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges.

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 12/30/2009 Tags: audiobooks, literature, audio, mp3, books, ebooks, reading Connect Safely |Connect Safely | Online Safety 3.0 – on and off the fixed and mobile Internet Tags: internetsafety, safety, socialnetworking, internet_safety, cybersafety, connectsafely, education Google For Educators – Classroom Activities Tags: Google, resources, educators, web2.0, webtools, education, googleearth, Tools, blogs, technology, web_2.0, mashups, classroom SmallWorlds

DEN Diigo Links

Looking for great resources to use with your students or perhaps even yourself?  Did you know that the Discovery Educator Network is a great place to find those resources?  I’m sure you do, but do you know about the DEN Diigo group?  What’s Diigo?  It’s a social bookmarking site, like Delicious, but a little more powerful.   The DEN

Who's your Hero?

What does a hero mean to you? One web definition – champion: someone who fights for a cause. Who has been your hero for this past year? In the educational world, I have found several through DEN, Twitters, colleagues, and even in my own classroom – my students. If you’re looking for a hero,

SCIcon: Jan. 9th at the Connecticut Science Center

The CT Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Leadership Council would like to invite you to an exciting one day conference. Registration is free and includes lunch plus access to the Connecticut Science Center.  You can come for the entire day or for one or two sessions if you like. DEN SCIcon 2010 is an online conference

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 12/29/2009

Poll Everywhere Use to do instant online surveys that students can see results for. Students text in results. Very cool. Free plan is a little limited, but usable! Tags: polls, online, tools – By Amanda Youngblood Open Data Showcase Tags:, climate, temperature, data Posted from Diigo. The rest of Discovery Educator Network group

SoCal SciCon 2010

Alright, science lovers: what do you get when NaHCO3 and C12H22O11 combine with C6H10O5? Why, some delicious treats!  Join us at the Corner Bakery at Irvine Spectrum for in-person participation of the Discovery Educator Network SciCon 2010.  You’ll be treated to science-focused integration of digital media, great networking with peers, as well as to some

SCIcon 2010

Sign up for a Live event during SCICON NOW Please join us in K’town.  Connect with fellow teachers!  It’ll be fun!  Breakfast and Lunch provided!!