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Propel Montour to host DEN SCIcon 2010

Propel Montour to host DEN SCIcon 2010

 What a great place to hold an event for Discovery Education…a school.  No room fees, no charge for Internet, and we even get to sit in those little chairs.  I was pretty pumped up when I found out that Propel Montour would be hosting this very unique virtual conference on January 9th. Even though it is

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 12/16/2009

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EdTechConnect Tonight

EdTechConnect with Gail Lovely Webinar – Tools for Engagement and Collaboration in the Elementary Grades.  December 16 at 7 PM EST. In the session we will explore online tools and the powerful ways they can be used to engage young students in learning environments and activities. The emphasis will be on collaboration and curriculum integration.


Do you know TrueTube (http://www.truetube.co.uk/) ? As you can tell from the URL this is a UK based service. It is a place to debate social issues through the use of uploaded videos.  As they put it – “TrueTube is a free, website which uses real-life stories and issues to encourage teenagers to explore and