Archives for December 29, 2009

  1. Who's your Hero?

    What does a hero mean to you? One web definition – champion: someone who fights for a cause. Who has been your hero for this past year? In the educational world, I have found several through DEN, Twitters, colleagues, and even in my own classroom – my students. If you’re looking for a hero, […]

  2. SoCal SciCon 2010

    Alright, science lovers: what do you get when NaHCO3 and C12H22O11 combine with C6H10O5? Why, some delicious treats!  Join us at the Corner Bakery at Irvine Spectrum for in-person participation of the Discovery Educator Network SciCon 2010.  You’ll be treated to science-focused integration of digital media, great networking with peers, as well as to some […]