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  1. Welcome Our Newest STAR!

    The DEN Leadership Council for Kansas want to welcome Kay Tibbs as our newest DEN STAR! A list of new STAR educators and the latest news in the DEN, such as information about STEM Academy, upcoming webinars and so much more can be found on the DE Weekly Update. View it HERE. Or, you can […]

  2. Change Agent Field Guide

    EduCon took place this weekend in Philly. While I didn’t catch as much as last year, I have been impressed with the Tweets. I have been wanting to attend this event, because it more than the tools. It is about the big ideas that will move school into the 21st century.  I consider myself a […]

  3. The "Decoupling" of Education and School: Where Do We Begin?

    As always, Will Richardson packed the room to something that just might worry a fire marshal. From the program’s prospective: The next ten years promise to be hugely disruptive for the traditional idea of school as more and more alternative learning platforms are created and expanded. This conversation will focus not on technology but on […]

  4. Christian Long and The Alice Project: Falling Down the Virtual Rabbit Hole

    Christian Long believes that we are architects of the future and questions what does great teaching and learning look like? To demonstrate his point, he brought students Benedikt Kroll and Michael Nathman who experienced self teaching and learning through an interesting project: Falling Down the “Alice Project” Rabbit Hole as together students inverted traditional high […]

  5. Student Assistance Program: Completing the Circle

    “Everyone is responsible for his/her own education. Everyone is responsible for the education of all students.” This session began by identifying that this program is in its first year and there is a learning curve they experience with its implementation. We began with a quotation from Why School? by Mike Rose, encouraging us to think […]

  6. Marilyn Perez: Educating ALL Students

    Chris Lehmann opened Saturday’s Sessions at EduCon, a volunteer conference organized around late night meetings, Skype, Twitter and some really dedicated people. Diana Laufenberg, Marci Hall, Zach Chase, Tim Best, Brad Lattimer, Stephanie Dunda, Doug Herman, Matt Baird, Ann Marie Sweeney and parents working registration were among Lehmann’s shout outs for making the logistics of […]

  7. "Brace for Impact…"

    On January 15, 2009, US Air Captain Chelsey Sullenberger’s famous call to “brace for impact” that he made to the passengers before landing the crippled Airbus A320 in Hudson River made him an instant hero. He intentionally landed the plane near operating boats to increase their chance of rescue. All 155 passengers survived. However “his story […]

  8. Publishing to AudioBoo from an iPhone

    (Cross-posted from Clif’s Notes) As I’ve previously mentioned AudioBoo is a service that makes podcasting and audio blogging a snap. Here’s my quick demonstration. Your “boo” (That’s what they call your audio file) will be uploaded to your AudioBoo profile. You can take a look at my profile page to get an idea of what […]

  9. What Is Smart? Conversations Creating the Future

    Friday Night Panel — 6pm-8pm — “What is Smart?” Introductions by Dr. Dennis Wint, CEO of The Franklin Institute opened the conversations creating the future. David Warlick made a mindmap of this panel’s conversation. It is an enlightening synthesis of the conversation, forwarded to me by Jennifer Brinson. The panel, left to right: Happy Fernandez, […]

  10. SCIcon Archived Resources Available

    DEN SCIcon 2010 – Archives Thank you to all of the STARs who participated in DEN SCIcon 2010.  We had 1,000 attendees attend in-person or virtually.  In case you missed it or if you want to share the experience with your colleagues, the archived sessions and accompanying presentation resources can be found at:  

  11. Educon 2.2 – Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia Jan 29-31, 2010

    Over the next three days over 75 formal educational convesations and many many more informal conversations will be happening at this year’s Educon 2.2 Conference. This unique gathering at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia will bring aout 500 educators together for a truely amazing 3 days. One of the best thinjgs about it is […]

  12. What Is Smart?

    EduCon 2.2, a three-day conference from January 29-31, 2010 opened Friday evening with an amazing panel discussion at the Franklin Institute.  If you cannot attend in person, Steve Hargadon is coordinating live streaming of the events (see below for information).  As stated on their website, EduCon 2.2 is both a conversation and a conference. And […]

  13. Save the Date! February 10th

    This is going to be AWESOME!!!  Come into a virtual world to learn about a virtual world!  If you’re like me, you’ve heard about Quest Atlantis, but have not had an opportunity to explore it further (at least that’s my excuse!).  I am very excited to have Sholi Oh share her experiences about a free […]

  14. Calling K-8 Teachers & Students to Change Communities

    Participating teachers and students can assist in helping “Planet Earth” Go Green!  Siemens “We Can Change the World Challenge“ is open for registration through March 15, 2010.  The challenge is for students to create solutions for resolving environmental issues by starting with their own community.  Participants can choose their appropriate grade level by selecting one […]

  15. Upcoming Missouri Events

    DEN Virtual Conference – April 24 – The Missouri LC will be hosting a number of face-to-face events across the state in conjunction with the Spring Virtual Conference. Saint Therese will be the site for the Kansas City stars to attend. Please check back for other locations. DEN Geocaching Day – May 22 – Kansas and […]

  16. METC

    METC is right around the corner and we look forward to seeing you there.  Discovery Education will be located at booth # 2.  Featured Speaker Lance Rougeux, Mike Bryant, Brad Weir and Brad Hagaman from Discovery will be in attendance.  Be sure to check-out Lance’s sessions: Science, Literacy and Technology -Lance Rougeux (Elementary, Middle, High) […]

  17. EdTechConnect with Alan Levine

    EdTechConnect with Alan Levine Featured presenter Alan Levine, the author of CogDogBlog, will share his astounding 50+ ways to create a digital story! The session will cover a basic basic story development that can be created in a web 2.0 tool using images, audio, and/or video. Don’t miss it!Register now!

  18. Are you teaching America’s next Top Young Scientist??

    The Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge is now open for entries for 2010.  The challenge is the nation’s premier science competition for students in grades 5 through 8.  Ten finalists will be selected to receive an all-expense paid trip to New York City to compete in the final challenge in October. The winner will […]

  19. Los Angeles County Educators: Digital Voice Awards Deadline is March 31, 2010

    Call for entries!  All K-12 schools educators from Los Angeles County are invited to submit their best classroom instructional technology projects to the 2010 Digital Voice Awards. The California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP) Region 11 and Multimedia Services of the Instructional Technology Outreach division at the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) invite K-12 […]