Archives for January 9, 2010

  1. Polar Bears in a Changing Climate

      Julene Reed, the Director of Academic Technology at St. George’s Independent School in Collierville, TN and a STAR Discovery Educator and Apple Distinguished Educator shows how the polar bears in the Hudson Bay area are being affected by climate change, how Challenge Based Learning can engage students in related activities that are based on […]

  2. DEN SciCon 2010

    Today was an all day online free conference sponsored by the DEN, focusing on transforming science classes through the use of digital media.  I was not able to attend one of the many live events that occurred all around the country but I did get to attend from home.  Some of the presenters were Lance Rougeux, Brad […]

  3. SCIcon DEN Event in Dedham

    Special thanks to Paula Marini and the Dedham Public Schools for hosting our successful live event for the DEN SCIcon today.  Twenty-one local educators came together to focus on the importance of science education and the resources that Discovery has to offer.  Presenters and participants from across the country shared ideas on helpful resources.  Links […]

  4. Hands On Digital with Patti Duncan at DEN SCIcon 2010

    Patti Duncan is a DEN STAR, a Discovery Trainer, and a global presenter. Even more importantly, she has been a science teacher for years. The wealth of knowledge she brings to this presentation combines technology and teaching experience. Patti’s resources and links for this presentation are shared here. Today’s presentation archives and resources will be […]

  5. No Paper Left Behind: A New Age of Science Instruction with Brad Fountain at DEN SCIcon 2010

    For a schedule of today’s events and target audiences, click here. Brad Fountain begins with a short discussion of the brain. Bottom line: students’ brains today are configured differently because of the digital way in which they grew up. Technology is like oxygen to them. They are accustomed to “digital textbooks.” Old school: pencils and […]

  6. Change the Present, Change the Future with Lance Rougeux at DEN SCIcon 2010

    Lance Rougeux kicks off the first annual DEN SCIcon 2010 as the keynote by thanking the Leadership Councils for providing 16 live-events across the country. From PADENLC in Montour comes this link for DEN SCIcon 2010 resources. Today’s presentations will be housed on the DEN blog, Science in Action. In changing the present to change […]