Archives for January 18, 2010

  1. DEN LC Insider Info

    Scott Kinney, Vice-President of Professional Develepment and Outreach at Discovery, opened the DEN LC New Year with a DEN Leadership Council Insider webinar, an event that Discovery will reprise monthly for whole council webinars Although these webinars are intended for DEN LCs, DEN STARS are welcome to attend as well. Lance Rougeux began by thanking […]

  2. Wisconsin Represents at the IL/WI/MI Leadership Council Retreat

    On January 15 – 17, members of the Wisconsin DEN Leadership Team participated in the Illinois/Wisconsin/Michigan Leadership Council Retreat which was held downtown Chicago, IL.  The weekend started Friday night with a team dinner with representatives from the three states.  The task at hand…to continue planning innovative and creative, professional staff development events for members […]

  3. Don't Miss CUE 2010!

    Don’t Miss CUE 2010 Conference Challenge the Present, Design the Future Tools for Universal Learning March 4-6, 2010; Palm Springs Convention Center, Palm Springs, CA Your Full CUE Conference registration includes General Session Keynote by Microsoft’s Mary Cullinane; Closing Session Keynote by RockOurWorld’s Carol Anne McGuire; over 175 speaker presentations which include our Spotlight […]

  4. Inspire Your Students: Hear Dr. Michio Kaku

    Join Discovery Education Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at 4:00pm ET for the Siemens STEM Academy webinar.   The Siemens STEM Academy, an online portal with a wealth of STEM resources, presents STEM Spotlight webinar with Dr. Michio Kaku, Host of Science Channel’s Sci Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible. Register Today   Register to hear […]

  5. What is Facebook's role in education? And vice versa?

    At our Thanksgiving celebration a  year ago, I was busy updating my Facebook status and prowling around my friends’ pages when my sister-in-law peeked over my shoulder and hesitantly said, “Ya know… That might not be such a good idea.” This was not the first that I had heard about concerns relating to teachers having social […]