Archives for January 29, 2010

  1. What Is Smart? Conversations Creating the Future

    Friday Night Panel — 6pm-8pm — “What is Smart?” Introductions by Dr. Dennis Wint, CEO of The Franklin Institute opened the conversations creating the future. David Warlick made a mindmap of this panel’s conversation. It is an enlightening synthesis of the conversation, forwarded to me by Jennifer Brinson. The panel, left to right: Happy Fernandez, […]

  2. SCIcon Archived Resources Available

    DEN SCIcon 2010 – Archives Thank you to all of the STARs who participated in DEN SCIcon 2010.  We had 1,000 attendees attend in-person or virtually.  In case you missed it or if you want to share the experience with your colleagues, the archived sessions and accompanying presentation resources can be found at:  

  3. Educon 2.2 – Science Leadership Academy, Philadelphia Jan 29-31, 2010

    Over the next three days over 75 formal educational convesations and many many more informal conversations will be happening at this year’s Educon 2.2 Conference. This unique gathering at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia will bring aout 500 educators together for a truely amazing 3 days. One of the best thinjgs about it is […]

  4. What Is Smart?

    EduCon 2.2, a three-day conference from January 29-31, 2010 opened Friday evening with an amazing panel discussion at the Franklin Institute.  If you cannot attend in person, Steve Hargadon is coordinating live streaming of the events (see below for information).  As stated on their website, EduCon 2.2 is both a conversation and a conference. And […]