Archives for January 30, 2010

  1. Christian Long and The Alice Project: Falling Down the Virtual Rabbit Hole

    Christian Long believes that we are architects of the future and questions what does great teaching and learning look like? To demonstrate his point, he brought students Benedikt Kroll and Michael Nathman who experienced self teaching and learning through an interesting project: Falling Down the “Alice Project” Rabbit Hole as together students inverted traditional high […]

  2. Student Assistance Program: Completing the Circle

    “Everyone is responsible for his/her own education. Everyone is responsible for the education of all students.” This session began by identifying that this program is in its first year and there is a learning curve they experience with its implementation. We began with a quotation from Why School? by Mike Rose, encouraging us to think […]

  3. Marilyn Perez: Educating ALL Students

    Chris Lehmann opened Saturday’s Sessions at EduCon, a volunteer conference organized around late night meetings, Skype, Twitter and some really dedicated people. Diana Laufenberg, Marci Hall, Zach Chase, Tim Best, Brad Lattimer, Stephanie Dunda, Doug Herman, Matt Baird, Ann Marie Sweeney and parents working registration were among Lehmann’s shout outs for making the logistics of […]

  4. "Brace for Impact…"

    On January 15, 2009, US Air Captain Chelsey Sullenberger’s famous call to “brace for impact” that he made to the passengers before landing the crippled Airbus A320 in Hudson River made him an instant hero. He intentionally landed the plane near operating boats to increase their chance of rescue. All 155 passengers survived. However “his story […]

  5. Publishing to AudioBoo from an iPhone

    (Cross-posted from Clif’s Notes) As I’ve previously mentioned AudioBoo is a service that makes podcasting and audio blogging a snap. Here’s my quick demonstration. Your “boo” (That’s what they call your audio file) will be uploaded to your AudioBoo profile. You can take a look at my profile page to get an idea of what […]