Archives for January 31, 2010

  1. Welcome Our Newest STAR!

    The DEN Leadership Council for Kansas want to welcome Kay Tibbs as our newest DEN STAR! A list of new STAR educators and the latest news in the DEN, such as information about STEM Academy, upcoming webinars and so much more can be found on the DE Weekly Update. View it HERE. Or, you can […]

  2. Change Agent Field Guide

    EduCon took place this weekend in Philly. While I didn’t catch as much as last year, I have been impressed with the Tweets. I have been wanting to attend this event, because it more than the tools. It is about the big ideas that will move school into the 21st century.  I consider myself a […]

  3. The "Decoupling" of Education and School: Where Do We Begin?

    As always, Will Richardson packed the room to something that just might worry a fire marshal. From the program’s prospective: The next ten years promise to be hugely disruptive for the traditional idea of school as more and more alternative learning platforms are created and expanded. This conversation will focus not on technology but on […]