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How Green is Your School?

How Green is Your School?

Some of the largest expenses for any school district are the energy costs for electricity, fuel oil or gas for heating, water usage, etc.  A group called The Alliance to Save Energy has a program called Green Schools Program which seeks to reduce energy costs in order to free up more funds for education programs

When does envy turn to something darker?

How about when a small part of our staff PD day is held in my room and the staff sees all the new Smart Technology tools I am trying out and evaluating for the district? Included; Large wall mounted Smartboard with boom-mounted LCD projector, wireless tablet (Airliner),  Smart’s document camera, wall mounted speakers, class set

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 02/04/2010

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February Update from the LC

Registration for the SCETV workshops being held March 17-19, is now open! Don’t miss this great opportunity to attend fantastic and free staff development. Visit the StreamlineSC website to register. Planning for a DEN STAR event during the workshops is underway and more information will be available soon. You definitely don’t want to miss the