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Got iPad?

Too bad we have to wait another month. I watched Apple’s Keynote address showcasing their iPad. Then I read the reviews: The 10 Reasons NOT to Buy an iPad was interesting, but the wiki exploring the “downside of Apple’s product ecosystem” was weird. and there’s more, every day. It occurred to me these people have

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 02/10/2010

David Jakes Presentation Resources – Beyond the Web 2.0 Hype: Focusing On What Really Matters Tags: jakes, jakesonline, djakes, web2.0, 21stcenturylearning David Jakes Presentation Resources – Creating Immersive Learning Environments with Mixed Media Tags: jakes, jakesonline, djakes, web2.0, 21stcenturylearning Easy Poster Printer Tags: software, windows, win7, winxp, poster, posters, printing, classroom, images Story Time |

"STEM"ulate Your Students

As educators we know that a key to student engagement is through real world application- authentic learning.  Apply now to participate in the “Siemens Teachers As Researchers” (STARS) program.  Deadline for applications is March 1, 2010. Teachers selected in the program will participate in mentored research at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory on current topics

We Missed You at METC Webinar

. Hello from METC.  We know not everyone is able to attend the conference this year so we’ve scheduled a free post-METC wrap-up webinar.   Join us as we discuss the highlights of METC 2010 with some of the presenters from this year’s conference. Please go here and click on the “We Missed You at

Textbook Rental

The cost to buy a textbook, even a used one, is a price that no one wants to pay. There is a website that helps to offset those high prices by allowing you to rent your textbooks. Search for your textbooks via ISBN, book title or author’s name. Request your book and then return it