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METC Update

METC Update

Hello from METC.  We know not everyone is able to attend the conference this year so we’ve scheduled a free post-METC wrap-up webinar.   Join us as we discuss the highlights of METC 2010 with some of the presenters from this year’s conference.Please go here and click on the “We Missed You at METC” webinar

DEN Updates

Winter Conference Season The DEN team is traveling all over the country this month for a fantastic series of state conferences.  Follow the DEN blog as the team shares our adventures.  This past week we went way beyond textbook at TCEA and didn’t let the snow get in the way at METC.   Discovery Education

Discovery Streaming Student Accounts

When Discovery released the redesigned Discovery Streaming site last summer, one of the changes was the launch of their Classroom Manager. Classroom Manager gives teachers the ability to create student accounts! Via these student accounts, teachers can assign particular tasks to individuals, groups or a whole class. The accounts provide teachers with a wonderful way

Pepsi Refresh Project

Have you seen the Pepsi Refresh Project? Pepsi is accepting 1000 ideas every month, and are awarding a cool $1.3 million to worthy projects. The submissions for February have been done; now it’s time to vote. It looks like you can vote for 10 projects a day. You can also get a head start on

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 02/12/2010

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3-D: Not Just for the Movies Anymore

At the end of 2009, eSchool News published a special report: Learning in 3-D. For decades, it has been used in movies and at theme parks. For years colleges and universities have used 3-D for some of their most advanced research projects. According to this special report, we are on the cusp of seeing 3-D

Happy Birthday, Abe!

This is the 201st anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth and you’re probably celebrating it by anticipating Valentine’s Day with your students. Monday will be the official Presidents’ Day celebration with the usual day off or institute or something along those lines. “When I was a kid” in the middle of the last century, when there

Why go digital?

Why go digital? Good question! The response is easy: up to date resources, flexibility, differentiation for students, high interest, greener, and cheaper.  Why now? Many districts (like mine)will be adopting new textbooks next year, which makes it a great time to make the switch. If your school is serious about keeping costs down, but making