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Bend It…Break It…Bust it Loose: 10 Ways DE Streaming Will Change the Way You Teach ~ Matt Monjan

Bend It…Break It…Bust it Loose: 10 Ways DE Streaming Will Change the Way You Teach ~ Matt Monjan

Guest Microblogger ~ Patti Duncan Matt Monjan is Discovery’s Pennsylvania Account Manager (I hope I got your title correct, Matt) and it is no secret that we esteem him highly (and will not let any other state claim him). His presentation, Bend It…Break It…Bust It Loose: 10 Ways DE Streaming Will Change the Way You

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 02/23/2010

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Glogster Student Capacity to Change

When I logged on to edu.glogster.com this morning, there was a notification concerning the number of students individual teachers can register. Currently, the number is 200 but that number will change to 100 after February 28, 2010.  After you register, add all 200 students to your account. You do not have to put in individual

Constructing a Powerful PLN ~ Meg Griffin

Meg Griffin, PA DEN Leadership Council President, began her session, Constructing a Powerful PLN, by asking us to take a short survey. Patti Duncan, PA LC Events Chair, ran a CoverItLive back channel for Meg. Meg’s CoverItLive will live on this wiki.  Given that you have a life, Meg began her presentation by asking the

School 2.0: Creating the Schools We Need ~ Chris Lehmann

Chris Lehmann, Principal of Science Leadership Academy, home of EduCon 2.2, models and advocates Creating the Schools We Need for preparing students for living and working in 21st century. In a short chat with Chris this morning, I told him how I am always so inspired by his work and what we experience at EduCon,

Discovery Education Streaming in Times Square!

The Discovery Education team is proud to present its streaming overview and training series at the Discovery Times Square Exposition! Come and learn new ways to use and embed Discovery Education streaming media into your curriculum and then go explore media in a whole new way by visiting the Titanic, DiVinci, and, coming soon, the