Daily Archives: February 27, 2010

LPB Counts!

Did you know Louisiana Public Broadcasting gives us access to Discovery Education Streaming?  Since they partially fund our access, we must show our support by using the LPB Portal to log in to our accounts.  Check the tab at the top of this page for more information, but make sure you log in using the

TN DEN LC Diigo (weekly)

iHistory Podcast Project “A secondary school project using podcasts and mp3 players to study australian history” Tags: Podcast, Audio, Social-Studies, Secondary, Inquiry-Based-Learning, PBL – By Clif Mims BrainPOP ESL An Animated Educational Site for English Language Students of all ages. Games, Lesson Plans, Teaching Tools, Activities, Animated Movies, for TESOL, TOEFL, ELL and EFL learners

Webinars for the Northeast

Meet our new Discovery Account Manager for the Northeast Region, Whitney Mahoulides, by participating in the webinars she has organized for us. We would like to invite you and your staff to learn more about the only digital video-based learning resource scientifically proven to increase student achievement.  We are offering 3 New Topics in this