The Power of Editing



“Editing is sometime called a story’s final re-write,” so says good buddy and fellow Wilkes instructor, Frank Guttler. He has some insightful thoughts and examples on what creative editing can do on his blog. “Mary Poppins” as a horror flick? Check out his most recent post over at “lights, camera, learn!


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  1. Jennifer Rezk said:

    Okay, just checked out lights, camera, learn. The Mary Poppins trialer is very scary — would love to learn how to do this!! Maybe in my summer class at Wilkes?? My students will think this is so cool!

  2. Devon Y said:

    I loved taking Frank’s class. It gave me a real sense of power and control over the message of my movies. His Lights Camera learn is a great resource for any teacher or student that is interested in how to make short films successfully. I never thought I had it in me, but it has definitely sparked my interest. hopefully, this fall my students will have the opportunity to complete a movie about an issue they want to discuss.