Archives for March 8, 2010

  1. CUE DEN Stars Present….7×7 Cool TOOLS

    1. Uses of Smart Phones~Alice Mercer Photograph your students Video your students doing something great! Sync your calendar/s Configure all your email accounts Use EverNote to stay organized 2. Using Photostory but Don’t Forget the Citations~Diana Kenney Download PhotoStory Create and organize folder for images obtained from DE Streaming Copy image Description and Citation~Paste into […]

  2. DEN Spring Virtual Conference: Connect the Thoughts!

    Connect the Thoughts! Saturday, April 24, 2010 9 AM to 4 PM ET Cost?  FREE Register today! All times ET. 9 AM Connections, Conversations, and Collaborations: Creating a Personal Learning Network That Works For You Lee Kolbert, DEN Guru, Palm Beach County, FL Thanks to the influx of social tools on the Internet, educators are […]

  3. MACUL Conference Bits and Pieces

    MACUL Conference 2010 STAR’s in Action. Here is a list of STAR’s who are are presenting at this year’s conference. Wednesday, March 10, 2010 8:30-12:00 Melissa White~Interactive Classroom Technology, preK-6 1:00-4:30 Melissa White~ Interactive Classroom Technology, 7-12   Thursday, March 11, 2010 10:00-11:00 Wynn Draper-Bryant~DyKnow: Interactive Program—Haldane Rm. Patti Harju~Wikis in the Classroom –Grand Gallery […]

  4. Tackling Test Stress Tip 6: Get Moving

    Sometimes students just need to get their wiggles out! I’ve heard some teachers suggest getting students moving before a test while others suggest doing so after testing is done. Whichever time works best for your class, exercise is a great stress reliever. Here are a few resources in DEstreaming you might want to check out: […]

  5. More at NSTA

    We have an amazing lineup of events for our STARs at NSTA as well as a fantastic list of sessions. Also, we want to let the DEN know that Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell will be part of the first ever Science Matters National Town Hall Meeting on Science Education on Friday, March 19 at […]

  6. Flip Video in the Classroom

    I have recently had the opportunity to work with a couple of districts on using Flip video cameras.  The Flip is a video camera that is about the size of an iPod.  Depending on the model you choose, you can store either 60 or 120 minutes of video on the camera.  I am currently using […]

  7. MO Digital Photography Discovery Day

      Everyone had a great time and learned a lot about Digital Photography at MO Digital Photography Day. We have set up a WIKI for you to post your pictures to and continue to learn about didgital photography.  We are also posting some pictures on the blog so stay tuned as we update the […]