Archives for March 9, 2010

  1. DE streaming Canada Webinars

    Join us for a free webinar about DE streaming Canada – a comprehensive collection of educational media assembled specifically for K-12 Canadian classrooms.  Click here to register today! Thousands of full-length video programs Hundreds of Canada-specific topics: Canadian geography Canadian history Canadian culture Canadian attractions Famous historical figures Professional Development Access to the DEN Community […]

  2. Using Discovery to Help Special Populations

    Discovery has great tools for all learners; that includes those with particular needs.  Here are a few ways to help those special students: Use closed-caption videos to provide an auditory – visual language learning experience. Find materials in Spanish and other languages for ESL students. The ReadyZone can be used for homebound students. Use the Builder […]

  3. Geek Logik: How Math Can Solve Your Everyday Problems

    Yesterday, Hall Davidson‘s webinar’s design targeted educators. Tonight’s webinar, presented by Garth Sundem focuses on the classroom. Can I whet your math appetite? Register now and please join us tonight at 7 PM (ET). Self-professed math geek and author of Geek Logik Garth Sundem will use humor to show students how they can use math […]