Upcoming Den Dates

March 12 – DEN Summer Institute 2010 application opens
March 20 – DEN Spring Training 2010 begins
March 26 – LC Election Process begins
March 31 – Deadline for LCs to submit Event Request form for Spring Virtual Conference in-person events

April 12 – Deadline for DEN Summer Institute applications and April LC Insider webinar
April 16 – Deadline for Siemens STEM Institute applications
April 19 – DEN Summer Institute applicants notified
April 23 – Deadline for accepted applicants for DEN Summer Institute to RSVP
April 24 – Spring Virtual Conference: Connect the Thoughts
April 26 – Wait-listed applicants for DEN Summer Institute notified
April 30 – Deadline for wait-listed applicants for DEN Summer Institute to RSVP and LC Election Process ends

May 3-7 – DEN Teacher Appreciation Week
May 10 – May LC Insider webinar
May 21 – Last day of DEN Spring Training
May 22 – DEN Geocaching Day
May 25 – Second Annual DENny Awards

June 26 – DEN preconference event at ISTE

July 11-16 – DEN LC Symposium 2010
July 18-23 – DEN Summer Institute 2010



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