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Using music to soothe the soul!

Using music to soothe the soul!

How many of you have used music in your classroom to stimulate learning, introduce new concepts, or to even bring certain times and thoughts back into your life? Music is a way to create an ambiance in your classroom that is conducive to learning.  If you were to open your classrooms and listen to the

Education and Politics

Is it any wonder that the main talk on educator’s minds is the ‘Pay for Performance’ raises or the stop of the ‘FCAT’ by using year-end exams?  With both of these topics come much angst and worry, as well as, a hip hip hooray.  Depending on which issue we are talking about directly, will skew

TN DEN LC Diigo (weekly)

Freeology – Free School Stuff Tags: resources, forms, worksheets Recycle old, broken crayons into fun new shapes | Chica and Jo Tags: no_tag Prezi Twitter Tools Include live tweets in your Prezi files Tags: Presentations, Networking, Collaboration=Telecollaboration – By Clif Mims Primary Pad Alternative to EtherPad “Primary Pad is a web-based word processor designed for

Time to Catch Up

For many districts in Wisconsin, Spring Break is here.  While we all look forward to the rest and relaxation this time brings, it’s also a good opportunity to catch up on some reading and some learning.  If you’re looking for a few places to keep you busy over the break, check out the following sites,

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 04/03/2010

UNICEF – Voices of Youth: Explore Tags: game, simulation, virtual game, c20th, 21st Century, unicef, Ayiti: The cost of Life Primary Pad Alternative to EtherPad “Primary Pad is a web-based word processor designed for schools that allows pupils and teachers to work together in real-time.” Tags: Networking, 2.0, Collaboration=Telecollaboration, Word-Processing – By Clif Mims Posted

Mapping the DEN Story

The DEN is getting geared up for the Spring and we are looking for a creative way to visually tell the DEN story. We looked to our DEN Guru for Professional Networking, Lee Kolbert. We decided that we wanted to map out the reach of the DEN and found a great example from Lee. We