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Spring Virtual Conference 2010

Posted by Porter Palmer on DEN National Blog It’s spring, and that means the plants are growing! Are you ready to grow professionally? Join us Saturday for the DEN Spring Virtual Conference. During this unique and free professional development event you have the flexibility to attend online or in-person at one of many regional events

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 04/23/2010

LiveBinders – Organize your resources in an online binder LiveBinders is dedicated to helping you empower others with the information you work hard to collect. If you’re like us, you’ve used ‘creative’ tactics to keep track of all your links either through email, word documents or endless lists in your browser bookmarks folder. It’s hard

Dust off Your Best PJs

DEN Spring Virtual Conference: Connect the Thoughts Registration is now open for our spring virtual conference on Saturday, April 24.  We have a fantastic lineup for tomorrow so make sure to drop by virtually (in your pjs 🙂 ) or in-person at one of our many events hosted by the DEN Leadership Councils. All times

Planet Earth now available from iTunes

Continue celebrating Earth Day with the series Planet Earth now available from the iTunes store.  Climb mountains, trek through jungles,  get up close with animals and more in this wonderful series.  Each episode is $2.99 with the whole series available for $19.90, $29.90 for HD.  Just open the iTunes store and search in TV seasons