DEN Teacher Appreciation Week: Day One

starHappy DEN Teacher Appreciation Week!  This is one of our favorite times of the year because it gives us an excuse to celebrate all of the great things our STARs do each and every day.  We have an amazing week of special surprises lined up for the DEN community so make sure to check the DEN blog every day. 

So, to kick things off with a bang, our friends at Prezi have very generously agreed to provide all STAR Discovery Educators with a free Educator Pro account for a year (normally $59).

All you have to do to get your free Educator Pro account from Prezi is visit this page on the new DEN online community website, log in and complete the form. 

Then join us today at 5 PM ET for a webinar where you will learn how to get started with Prezi

Register for today’s webinar at:

Are you curious about Prezi and can’t wait until the webinar?  Here’s some more information.

preziPrezi is a slideless presentation tool that is based on a digital canvas, where you can create relations between pieces of information and visualize your arguments by zooming and panning around.

Using Prezi will help your class stand out because:

1. Prezi uses a spatial approach to present information. Students will remember more of your arguments if they see the big picture and the details simultaneously.

2. Prezi encourages student involvement in the topic at hand. Long monologues are not an option anymore as you move around the canvas together in the classroom!

3. You can simply save and reuse interesting presentations from the growing database of reusable educational prezis. 

Check out some examples at the Prezi showcase .

One that we really like is the Day in the Life of a Discovery Educator.

To learn more about Prezi join us today (Monday, May 3 at 5 PM ET) for a webinar.

Happy Zooming and go register for your free Educator Pro account from our friends at Prezi.


Don’t forget to post a comment and say thank you to our friends at Prezi for an awesome kick off to DEN Teacher Appeciation Week.


  1. Elaine Plybon

    This is great! Thanks to Prezi and the DEN for the account and the awesome webinar!

  2. Heather Hurley

    This is awesome! Thanks so much DEN and Prezi. You all rock!

  3. Zoli Radnai

    Hi everybody,

    we are super excited about introducing Prezi to you all soon. Happy Zooming!

  4. Karen Wells

    Yea! Prezi was featured during a conference session I attended two weeks ago. Thanks to Prezi and the DEN.

  5. Meg Griffin

    Thank you DEN & Prezi, I have been meaning to play with it but you know how that goes. Once again, DEN PD rocks!!

  6. Jessica Carter

    DEN and Prezi, thank you so much! I can’t wait to learn more about Prezi :) Thanks to adding to my tool box!

  7. Ann Marie

    WOW!! As always, you guys and gals ROCK! Thanks to the DEN and Prezi! Just another reason to love being a DEN Star!!!

  8. Teryl Magee

    What a way to kick of Teacher Appreciation Week! Thanks DEN and Prezi!

  9. Chelsea Whisnant

    Awesome! Thanks so much for this!

  10. Jennifer Osburn

    Thanks so much for making Teacher Appreciate Week start off so Awesome! Thanks so much DEN and Prezi!!

  11. Mona Effler

    Thanks! Can’t wait to try it.

  12. Nancy Sharoff

    Proud to be a * — Thank you DEN & Prezi, what a great way to start off the week. Oh, and Steve — a DEN finger to you for the awesome Prezi!

  13. Vasantha Rayman

    Thank you very much DEN and Prezi-the first day started with excitement already!

  14. Tim Childers

    I love it! I am so glad this was first on the list. I was about to pay for a subscription! Thank you DEN! Thank you Prezi!

  15. Heather Sullivan

    Hooray, Yipee! Thanks Prezi & Discovery- Now I can more powerfully share Prezi with my colleagues & give them yet ANOTHER REASON to become a STAR DEN member :)

  16. Carol Mayo

    Thank you Prezi and the DEN. I will enjoy!

  17. Renee Henderson

    Great! Can’t wait to use this.

  18. Brenda Green

    Thank you so much for the really cool Teacher Appreciation gift! I love Prezi!

  19. Melanie Ruiz

    Thank you DEN & Prezi! I recently activitated my Educator account and LOVE it! I am having so much fun with Prezi! I have made a few here is the link to one I did as a math review using DES…

    Thanks again & Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to us all!! :)

  20. Elizabeth

    Thanks! I love Prezi and can’t wait to use the Pro account!

  21. Ken Shelton

    This is totally awesome!! I use Prezi periodically and find it to be a great presentation design application. Thanks a bunch!!!

  22. Selena Ward

    This is an AWESOME way to start the week. Just played up Prezi at the MSET conference and LOVE being able to get the pro educator account for free. THANKS!

  23. Selena Ward

    I clicked on the other link and it says I am not a STAR educator. What should I do?

  24. Howard Martin

    Prezi rocks, but now it’s going to roll too! Thanks DEN and Prezi for the pro account.

  25. Jason


  26. Corina Long

    Woo hoo!! Thank you so much DEN and Prezi.

  27. Andy Mann

    Prezi rocks! I look forward to exploring the features the Pro account provides. Thanks Discovery and Prezi for making this available.

  28. Dani Hall

    I love this week too. Can’t wait to use this PRO account! THANKS Prezi and DEN!! I love being a STAR!

  29. Mark Dunk

    This is great news!!! Thank you DEN and Prezi!!!

    I just set up a prezi account over the weekend. This added benefit will allow me to work on new prezis on the go.

  30. Melissa Warren

    Thanks so much for the AWESOME Teacher Appreciation gift! I love Prezi!

  31. Ms. De Santis

    Thanks to the Prezi team- I’m looking forward to working with their product.

  32. Janet Hallstrom

    Steve Dembo showed this when it was first introduced. I got an account then and love it. What a great tool!

  33. Shannon Gaumer

    Thanks DEN & Prezi…what a great way to start off the week:)

  34. Diane Zoellmer

    A huge thanks to DEN and Prezi. How cool is this teacher appreciation gift?!!
    …and thanks to Steve Dembo for getting me hooked on Prezi a couple of years ago :-)

  35. Kristi Altenburg

    Thanks for the great subscription and thanks for the reminder on Facebook!

  36. Debbie Keller

    Thanks! What a nice surprise!

  37. Charlotte Anderson

    Looking forward to using Prezi – looks like a great way to present info to staff and students.

  38. Diana Kenney

    I’m really excited! Since I’m not assigned to one particular school site, I miss out on the Teacher Appreciation activities and gifts. Discovery (& Prezi) have made up for this in a huge way!

    Thanks very much,
    Diana Kenney

  39. Seth Fewell

    Excellent! I love Prezi! Thanks!

  40. Cheryl

    How did I go this whole time and not use Prezi??? Was I living in a cave??? This will be my next student project. I’m so excited, thank you all so much!
    : )

  41. Dorie Glynn

    Thanks so much Prezi and DEN! I can’t wait to check out the pro version!

  42. Emma Haygood

    Thanks so much! My kids ooh and aah whenever I use Prezi.

  43. Robin Talkowski

    I’m super excited. I have wanted to learn how to use Prezi. This is just the kick in the pants I needed, or maybe I just say it is just the carrot I needed. Thanks, Prezi!

  44. ldaughrity

    Prezi helped me to be chosen for DEN NI 2010 woohooo! I love Prezi!!!

  45. Deb Donley

    Ever since seeing some presentations done with Prezi, I have wanted to check it out. Thanks!

  46. Dianne Krause

    AWESOME! Thanks to DEN and PREZI for this great subscription!! I love the DEN! :)

  47. Beth Knittle

    Thanks I have been playing around with Prezi, so much more to explore.

  48. Josh

    Thank you DEN & Prezi!

  49. Jason P

    Thanks so much! This is definetely better than the apple I got at school

  50. Maureen

    Thank you DEN and Prezi… can’t wait to try it out.

  51. Tracy

    Fantastic!!! And this is just the first day. Thanks DEN and Prezi. :)

  52. Joe Fromme

    Thanks Prezi and all the good folks at the DEN. I always knew it was worth it to be a DEN star, but WOW, this is really cool. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

  53. Katie Leach

    Thank you so much Discovery and Prezi. Both students and teachers will love using this in the classroom! This is fantastic!!

  54. Cindy Adamson

    Thanks DEN and Prezi, this is great!

  55. Andrea

    Thank you for all YOU do! DEN and Prezi rock!

  56. Carol Broos

    Thanks so much, it will only enrich my presentations!

  57. Lori Banszak

    Thank you Prezi and DEN! I have been using Prezi to jazz up presentations. Thanks again!

  58. Deb Elmore

    Thanks! This is a nice turnaround from all of our budget cuts, what a wonderful reprieve. =)

  59. Melanie

    Thanks so much! Looking forward to putting this to use.

  60. Marie Belt

    This is wonderful!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  61. Karen Bosch

    Thanks so much! I’ve used Prezi this year for building a presentation with my class and the students loved it.

  62. Peggy Perkins

    Thank you so much!! I cannot wait to start using Prezi. We were just talking about it today! I am sorry I could not make the Webinar, but will definitely research and learn as much as I can about it! Thank you, thank you!!!!

  63. Dave Tchozewski

    Many thanks to DEN and Prezi. Very cool and much appreciated.

  64. Karla Halcomb

    Thanks DEN and Prezi! Have been singing your praises for the last few months. Can’t wait to share more when I present in another district this month with a focus on multimedia presentations!

  65. Kim Smith

    Awesome! Thanks so much to the DEN and Prezi! I’m very excited to continue to explore. Should be fun!

  66. Cameron McKinley

    Thanks so much! What a perfect treat for teachers who present all the time! I will love using the Pro features of Prezi. Hope the webinar is recorded because I was hosting a webinar during YOUR webinar! Thanks again!

  67. Susan Tompkins

    Thanks DEN & Prezi for the fantastic upgrade! Been using it over a year (Thanks to Dembo) and with the Pro Account, can really do some stuff! And a big THANKS to Lance for working overtime! :)

  68. Lucas Rodriguez IV

    Thank you so much DEN and Prezi. I love Prezi and now with EDU Pro that makes it even better. Thanks again. Also BIG THANKS to the Kansas DEN Leadership for the email.

  69. Mark Jankowski

    This sounds like a great upgrade. I can’t get in to get the free upgrade. :(

  70. Sarah Thompson

    Wow!! Thank you so much to DEN and Prezi!!! Your generousity is greatly appreciated!!

  71. Carol Anne McGuire

    Thanks DEN and Prezi! What a generous offer! But biggest thanks go to the amazing network of teachers you set up! I can’t wait to see what people do with their new Prezi accounts!

  72. Paula Naugle

    Thank you to Prezi and DEN for such a great teacher appreciation gift. I can’t wait to see what other DEN people do with Prezi. I’ll be looking forward to see lots of DEN members in the Prezi showcase. Thanks so much.

  73. Tim

    I continue to be amazed by the generosity of Discovery Education. Thanks DEN and Prezi!

  74. Trace

    Wow!! Thanks so much! Missed the webinar due to a t-ball game, sure hope it’s archived!! Thanks DEN!!

  75. RJ Stangherlin

    Thank you, Discovery and Prezi. DE is the gift that keeps giving. Thank you for your partnerships in education, both global and national. You are the best. Proud to be a Star.

  76. Judy Uhrig


  77. Sherry Brott

    Thank you so much. I am looking forward to using Prezi.

  78. Jeanne Rogers

    Thank you! This is such a great tool and I am looking forward to using it.

  79. Erin Yagi

    Thank you very much to Prezi and DEN!!!

    I haven’t used Prezi yet and can’t wait to try it.

    Thank you so much! Aloha!

  80. Bethann Orr

    I had been introduced to PREZI by Steve Dembo at FETC. During his presentation, I got up out of my chair and screamed, “What tool are you using?”. I have had a PREZI account since that day. NOW I am even more excited by having a professional account.
    Thanks Discovery…Thanks PREZI.

  81. Suzanne Wesp

    Thanks, Discovery & Prezi. I can’t wait to use it. Another great reason to be a STAR.

  82. Bettie

    This is terrific. Thanks so much DEN and Prezi.

  83. Lawrence Armstrong

    Thank you DEN and Prezi. Could not watch the Web cast live, but watched it today. Look forward to sharing this with my teachers.

  84. Deena Jorgenson

    This gift of a Prezi subscription for a year is incredible! Thank you, Prezi and DEN!

  85. Michelle Wavering

    Thank you DEN for all the valuable resources you provide to us. Thank you Prezi for the chance to dig into the premium version. I already use and love the free version. I can’t wait to see what else I can do.

  86. Carmen Elena Gil

    Thank you DEN and Prezi… You guys ROCK! can’t wait to try it out. Happiness Here!!!!

  87. LaQuita Hutchinson

    This was great. I can’t wait to share it with our school districts.

  88. Chris Atkinson

    I am excited to try the Pro version. I keep checking my account but have not been updated yet. When will we see the change in our account?

  89. Karin Radhe

    The link isn’t working. Is it too late to receive the PRO version? I became a Star in May.

  90. google

    his is wonderful!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  91. Janet Hallstrom

    Linkage Problems.. Help please. The link to the page to sign up didn’t work.

    • Porter Palmer

      Hi Janet, These promotions take place around Teacher Appreciation Week in May. The link doesn’t work now because that promotion ended. There will be lots of goodies during TAW 2012 though.

  92. Janet

    Boy do I feel dumb. I got an email with a comment and thought it was a new post. Read it quickly at school while very busy. So much for multi-tasking.=)

  93. Gofu

    Hi Janet, These promotions take place around Teacher Appreciation Week in May. The link doesn’t work now because that promotion ended.

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