Archives for May 13, 2010

  1. Meet the SL-Team!

    Check out the Second Life ™ Leadership Council! As we all know (well, I hope you know) there are real people behind those avatars that constitute the DEN in SL Leadership Council.  We were most fortunate to have been able to attend an LC Retreat in Boston a few weeks ago.  We spent our time […]

  2. Come explore with us!

    Discovery Student Adventures offers hands-on, education-based travel to teachers and their students.  Travel with us to one or more of our 14 exotic locations worldwide!  Imagine exposing students to Roman history while visiting Palatine Hill, or discussing geology while exploring underwater sea caves in Australia.  All teachers who enroll and travel with five students or […]

  3. Taking Posession

    OK, I got it. The WiFi iPad. I went WiFi because no school’s gonna get 3G, with those pesky phone charges. Well, ok, maybe a wealthy town or two, but just for staff!   And so begins my journey on the iPath to true enlightenment. Ironies abound, at least for now! It’s packed in a […]