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Lasting Effects of the Gulf Oil Spill

Lasting Effects of the Gulf Oil Spill

 Hopefully, some of you were able to catch today’s phenomenal webinar featuring Philippe Cousteau, grandson of the legendary Jacques Cousteau, and Discovery Education Chief Spokesperson for Environmental Education.  Phillipe took students  and teachers to the Gulf through pictures and stories from his recent trip to evaluate the effects of the Gulf Oil Spill. He discussed

Are You Presenting at ISTE 2010?

Hey, DEN STARs! Are you presenting at ISTE this year? If so, would you take a minute or two to share the details? Fill out this short form for each session you’re presenting. We want to be able to share where our STARs are shining!

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 06/02/2010

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Me and My Droid

Is 2010 the year launching a new era of small portable devices? The iPad, the Kin, HP purchasing Palm, the Kindle, a new iPhone, and rumors of a completely revamped Blackberry OS all have made the news in recent months.  What does this rapidly developing market mean for schools? Are we picking unripe fruit or