Archives for June 14, 2010

  1. Congratulations to 2010-2011 LC Members

    The new members of the Leadership Councils have been announced. Congratulations to everybody and let’s make this 25th anniversary year one to remember. You can view all the Leadership Council members on this document. I’d like to welcome back Susan Tompkins as the chair for our LC here in Louisiana. I’d also like to warmly welcome […]

  2. LC DEN: Plans for 2010-11

    On Saturday, members of Discovery Ed’s New England LCs (Leadership Councils) met to lay some terrific plans for the upcoming school year. And from where I was sitting, it looks like we did.   Lance set the stage with an impressive virtual appearance where he clearly framed the LC’s role: the link for teachers to […]

  3. Repost: It's Party Time!

    Why not send those end of the year and summer party invitations in style. We are all familiar with Evite, but below are a few other options guaranteed to make your party planning go smoothly. Doodle is a great online date decider. It eliminates all of those back and forth emails when you are […]