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Things I Think You Should Read

Things I Think You Should Read

Here is another installment of Things I Think You Should Read Jason Schrage writes about The Newbie Project. What makes a PLN valuable? Check out what’s happening at this school library. Do you have some time? Here are the Top 100 Techology Blogs.  How many do you subscribe to? What Motivates Us? Awesome 10 minute video from RSA

Join Philppe Cousteau for a VIP Reception at Alabama MEGA

Are you going to be attending the upcoming Alabama MEGA conference in Mobile, AL?  If so, you’re invited to join Philippe Cousteau for a VIP reception!  Philippe will be presenting Continuing a Legacy: Conservation Education for the 21st Century as he shares his passion for worldwide conservation efforts.  The event will take place on July

Why Summer can make you a better Educator

It is July, and I along with many other fellow teachers, am finally beginning to relax and enjoy the freedom of not teaching every day. However, with that freedom comes time to think and relax about the craft of teaching. Wow! What a privilege to have the time to reflect and consider new ideas that