Archives for July 13, 2010

  1. Fun Learning

    I’m at the DEN Leadership Council Institute in Boston this week with 75 other amazing DEN leaders from across the country.  This evening we participated in an AmeriDEN Idol competition.  What a fun structure for learning!  Each team (of approximately ten people) were given four minutes to deliver a presentation to the others…   a web site, online tool, video, etc.  The DEN team hammed […]

  2. Semifinalists Announced for 2010 Young Scientist Challenge

    Today, Discovery Education and 3M announced the top 47 middle school students from across the country as semifinalists in the 12th annual Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. The semifinalists were selected based on their science communication skills exhibited in a short video explaining the science behind issues millions of Americans face in everyday life, […]

  3. Discovery Geocaching Day

    Kansas and Missouri joined together for Discovery Geocaching Day at Ernie Miller State Park.  We had two wonderful presenters from Garmin who shared information on geocaching and also provided GPS units for us to use. It was muddy but everyone had a wonderful time. We launched 5 travel bugs.

  4. Why Reinvent the Wheel

    Last night, as part of the DEN LC 2010, we spent the night at FableVision with Peter Reynolds.  Rather than here about the night in my words, I’m going to point you to the Pennsylvania DEN Blog for a nice recap and the Tennessee DEN Blog for another.

  5. Making Music and Videos with Dr. Lodge McCammon

    Monday’s DEN LC Symposium began with a three-hour session with Dr. Lodge McCammon, aka as the FIZZ Man. If you attended the DENPreCon at PETE&C10, you are already familiar with the amazing talent that Lodge brings to his unique presentations. What he does incredibly well is create original music for PBL on difficult-to-teach concepts. For […]

  6. ISTE Social Gathering …good food, great company, and lots of laughs!

    I wish it wasn’t over! The International Society for Technology and Education, ISTE 2010 conference in Denver, proved to be a successful and terrific forum to share new and thought provoking ideas, gain new skills, and reinforce the importance of educational technology within the classroom curriculum. ISTE is the world’s most comprehensive technology event. Attendees […]

  7. An Evening at FableVision

    Image by rmom352 via Flickr Last night we had the pleasure of visiting the office of Peter Reynolds company, FableVision which are located in the Boston Children’s Museum on the harbor. The work areas are whimsical as each person has their own collection of toys, books and visuals around their working area. Posters of Peter’s […]

  8. Fable Vision Visit

    Yesterday was a whirlwind first day for the DEN LC Symposium in Waltham, MA, and the Bentley University.  We spent the morning with Dr. Lodge McCammon.  The afternoon was a wild ride through downtown Boston.  Not a good tour for pictures because we just didn’t get off the bus much due to time. Last night […]

  9. Google Sketch Up STEM Webinar

    If you are not attending the DEN Leadership Symposium at Bentley University in Waltham, MA, you might want to attend this Google SketchUp STEM Webinar. PA DEN STAR Linda Nitsche delivered a related presentation at PETE&C 2010 and shared a wealth of resources. If you are planning to attend this webinar, in addition to downloading […]

  10. An Evening at Fablevision

    The Leadership Council members at this year’s symposium started the day with a 3-hour session of FIZZ with, Dr. Lodge McCammon. We actively learned about user-created videos in the classroom. There were a lot of creative ideas coming from the groups, and the products were just awesome. After a great morning with Lodge McCammon, we […]