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DEN Summer Institute: Fablevision, Fenway and Features

DEN Summer Institute: Fablevision, Fenway and Features

Lloyd’s Blog: Monday July 19, 2010 Terrific session in the morning with on the overview of the new features in the DE site. The changes are very impressive – users will value the look and the new features,   Our group was awesome in creating a teaching video on some of the new features. Every

Weekly Web Wonder: Custom Search

We are going to start trying to highlight a quick and easy tech tip each Tuesday here on the NC DEN blog. Today, let’s check out Google Custom Search.Have you ever asked your students to find information, but when they tried to “google it” they got bogged down in information? Have searched about Vikings ever led


A new licensing agreement with Discovery Education will bring the music and methods of Dr. Lodge McCammon within reach of a million teachers around the world. McCammon, a curriculum and contemporary media specialist in the Friday Institute for Education Innovation, brings 21st century tools into the classroom. He’s a proponent of making classroom videos and