Another Fun-Filled Educational Day at the Summer Institute

The DEN Summer Institute 2010 – Day 3
by Sarah Thompson


Today was an amazing, fun-filled, educational day! I experienced a full FIZZ workshop with Dr. Lodge McCammon. We started off our session with a video scavenger hunt. The goal – to capture a 30 second one take video of 10 different ideas. Each idea was interpreted by the group and taped. It was my first time seeing and using a flipvideo. It is definitely a purchase I plan to make in the near future. Our next session taught us how to create and take a video of paperslides. This was a fun activity that was easy to manage and had great results! I look forward to using this technique in the classroom!
Our last session had groups making paper planes. The concept was to use an instructional video that you can play and pause in order for your class to follow along. The groups went through the steps of creating a prototype plane, each member of the group learning the steps to create the plane, and then in a production line, produce as many planes as possible in a specified time limit. Then we held a contest to see how many planes from each group could fly with both accuracy and distance. It was an entertaining event! A huge thank you to Lodge for sharing with us today!
In the evening we attended ‘AmeriDEN’ Idol. We started off with viewing presentations that were created by our teams. Each team created a video that joined a Discovery Education feature with a topic. My team had STEM and teen drama. We used Xtranormal as our medium. They were all fantastic! Next, each team presented a web2.0 resource. Our team’s representative showed us Google apps. It is an excellent resource that I plan to learn more about before the week is up! Go DEN, go DEN, woohoo, woohoo!!!


  1. Dave Tchozewski

    Another fantastic day at Discovery Institute.

  2. Laura Pilker

    Hi! I was at Bentley last week and we did paper slide videos, but the video scavenger hunt sounds cool too! do you know if Dr. Lodge posted any examples? I would love to see them…

  3. Sarah

    Absoloutely! This site shows the session that Dr. Lodge did with the group. Follow the links on the side bar to see the paperslide example. Don’t laugh too hard at our awesome music video! :)

  4. Julie Carle

    Here is an example of using Xtranormal. Bob and Sue are two adult learners returning to Higher Education. The videos are set in the UK Open Uni Network site Cloudworks

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