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You remember Hypermedia, that crazy 80”s dream of an info-age future where newspapers would just know your info interests and deliver them to some kind of tablet, always current, and totally personalized?   Well that’s Flipboard, new software (circa Wednesday) for the iPad that publishes people and subjects you follow from place like Facebook, Twitter,

T-Pack: Technology, Pedagogy, Content

This is a creative video developed about T-Pack.  T-Pack stands for technology, pedagogy, and content.  As educators, we need to think about the content that we teach, the most effective ways to teach our content, and how to use technology in innovative ways to further learning in an interdisciplinary and collaborative manner. TPACK Radio/Video Show

The $35 Dollar Tablet?

One of the great things about summer is that you have more time to spend with newspapers and other paper media. So it was last Saturday when while enjoying a second cup of coffee that I ran into the article in about India’s announcement of a prototype tablet computer that they believe will market for

DEN Summer Institute 2010 Comes to a End

  It’s so sad to admit it, but yes, the Summer Institute at Bentley University has ended. The pillows, blankets, sheets and towels are off to the laundry. Keys were turned in. Sharing resources, networking, attending workshop sessions comprised the bulk of the DEN Summer Institute. The Canadian DEN Stars who attended the conferences blogged