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  1. Today's Webinar with Don Tapscott

    Discovery Education continues to bring amazing authors and thinkers to us via Webinars!  Today I participated in a webinar with Don Tapscott, author of  Wikinomics and the soon to be released MacroWikinomics.  Tapscott stated that, “We are at a punctuation point in human history.”  “While institutions are collapsing, people are self-organizing.”  One of the collapsing […]

  2. Another Fabulous Day DEN Summer Institute

    The DEN Summer Institute 2010 – Day 5 by Sarah Thompson Wow, it’s Thursday! We had another great morning of workshops. First, we had a Mashup session with Hall Davidson. I learned about bluescreen transitions, multi-media tools and about wallwisher. Second, I attended the Glogster session with Brad Fountain. This is an amazing tool for […]

  3. Organized Chaos

    What do you get when you put a Media Specialist with a social personality on the web? FACEBOOK LISTS! Categorize it! Organize it! Label it! Okay, I doubt it was really a Media Specialist who developed lists on Facebook, but I can attest to the fact that at least one is using them–ME! I haven’t […]

  4. Join Don Tapscott for an EdTechConnect Webinar

      Join us Friday, July 23, 2010, at 2:00PM ET Bestselling author, Don Tapscott hosts a special webinar , part of the Discovery Education EdTechConnect webinar series, where he will discuss MacroWikinomics, its impact on the world of education and the implications it holds for the future. MacroWikinomics: Rebooting Business and the World is the […]

  5. Another Interesting Day…. Den Summer Institute

    July 20, Tuesday at DEN SI Lloyd Roche Another very interesting day with lots of new knowledge gained. My missing luggage was finally delivered by the airlines. Thankfully Carissa was available to receive it when delivered to the dorms. I was given the honor of looking after the “Claw” for the day. My ‘gift’ also […]

  6. DEN Summer School Webinar Series for August

    Who ever said summer school isn’t fun? Get ready for your school year with an amazing series of free professional development sessions from the Discovery Educator Network. The summer school webinar series sessions begin at 11:00 AM ET. To register: For more information: Digital Storytelling August 2: Making Curricular Connections with Digital Storytelling […]

  7. Another Fun-Filled Educational Day at the Summer Institute

    The DEN Summer Institute 2010 – Day 3 by Sarah Thompson Today was an amazing, fun-filled, educational day! I experienced a full FIZZ workshop with Dr. Lodge McCammon. We started off our session with a video scavenger hunt. The goal – to capture a 30 second one take video of 10 different ideas. Each idea […]

  8. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

    DE Streaming has changed some of the formatting and flexibility in areas such as My Content and the Builders.  These changes have really made DE Streaming even easier to use than ever before.  With school about to start again in some parts of the country (and especially in TN), we thought we would add some […]