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Enhancing LiveBinders

Enhancing LiveBinders

The ladies of LiveBinders, Tina and Barbara, have announced recent updates to enhance the ability of this great web 2.0 tool. The enhancements have improved searching for educational resources (education based binders), the long awaited functionality of managing uploaded files, and providing insight into the methods used to secure your LiveBinders files. Here are the

Back to School with Discovery

We hope your summer has been relaxing and you are getting excited for the new school year! We are very excited about the new school year and the Back to School enhancements that recently released in Discovery Education streaming. In order to support users, Discovery is offering three free professional development webinar series which highlights

Pre-order MacroWikinomics and get a free copy!

Last year we hosted a Grown Up Digital book club and enjoyed a fantastic webinar with Don Tapscott.  Just recently we wrapped up a Wikinomics book club and followed it up with another incredible webinar with Don.  So how do we top that?  Oh, we have a few ideas! For the next few days, August

Making Curricular Connections with Digital Storytelling

Let your students use the familiar vehicles of commercials, public service announcements, the movies, documentaries and interviews (real and staged) to make learning come alive. Imagine Pythagoras selling his theorem on late night TV and throwing in the circumference of a circle if you call in the next 20 minutes. How about a book report

Michigan's LearnPort

As many educators do I am taking a couple of continuing education courses this summer. These just happen to be all on-line and self paced. As I like to share good stuff, I share the Michigan LearnPort site. I am amazed at how many of my fellow educators don’t know about the site. It is