New Media in Education Fiesta – September 7 and 8

Mark your calendars (and check your time zones!!!! The times listed are Singapore times!) as Second Life ™ is hosting an Education Fiesta over a two day period.  Here’s the information:

All the time listed are Singapore Time (UTC / GMT +8 hrs).  

Ms. Erin Reilly will be giving the Keynote on Monday, September 6th at 8 p.m. (Singapore Time)
You may wish to use a time zone converter so you don’t miss any of the presentations!


7 September 2010

08 00hr UTC/GMT +8 hrs-

Ms Alicia Poo Peng Peng Economics Teacher, Innova Junior College

Use of Collaborative Tagging Through Diigo to Promote Interdependent Online Research amongst Students.

10 00hr UTC/GMT +8 hrs


Mr John Yap Yin Gwee,

Senior Media Producer, NUS Second Life

Learning Through Gaming: The NUS Experience

12 00hr UTC/GMT +8 hrs

Dr Tay Lee Yong,

Head of Department for Research & Information Communication Technology,

Beacon Primary School

Integrating the Technological Dimension into Teaching and Learning –An Activity Theoretical Perspective

8 September 2010

08 00hr UTC/GMT +8 hrs

Ms Yap Chern Kai,

English Literature Teacher, Innova Junior College

Virtual Disgrace: Teaching Literature in Second Life

10 00hr UTC/GMT +8 hrs

Dr Caroline Ho,

Assistant Professor, English Language and Literature, National Institute of Education

Demystifying the mystique of Virtual Museums

12 00hr UTC/GMT +8 hrs

Mr Daryl Koh,

Head Of Department  for Information and Communication Technology,

Ms Tan Chui Min,

Arts Teacher, Yusof Ishak Secondary School

Becoming a Virtual Curator – Using Secondlife in Teaching Art Appreciation


  1. Daniel Beylerian

    This is great. Am I missing something? Where is it located in SL?

  2. Nancy Sharoff

    Location, location, location. That’s what it’s all about. Here’s some info from New Media that will help you locate the event:

    “To enter the Lecture Theatre for New Media in Education International Conference,Teleport here:

    Once you have clicked on the link below, a new panel will appear on your Second Life software to ask for teleport permission. Click ‘Teleport’.”

    Hope this helps!

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