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New Year New Star

New Year New Star

As we kick-off the 2010-2011 school year the Kansas Leadership Council will be looking to highlight KS DEN STAR members new and old.  We start of this year asking that you please welcome Tom Angelo to the Kansas Discovery Educators Network “STAR” family.  Keep checking back for new postings as we look to host events

Expand Your PLN via Twitter

Gina Hartman has developed a wiki, Twitter4TeachersWiki, that lists people based on teaching content area or teaching level.  This is an easy way to find teachers with similar interests so that you can follow them on Twitter.  You can also add your Twitter name to the list with your interests to help people find you

Launch & Lift Off

 Discovery Stars gather in Auburn at 5:30am to watch and photograph the balloons launch on the first day of the Great Falls Ballon Festival. Following the launch breakfast was a treat which was then followed by Discovery workshop to prepare for the start of the new year.

The 411 on Facebook Places – And Your Privacy

Image via CrunchBase Sparking a new privacy fire?     As social networking goes, Facebook is a good utility, but it comes with a privacy downside–Facebook Places. Thanks to Meg Blue Griffin via Facebook, I realize that Facebook’s newest app can compromise my privacy, even if I never use the application. As location programs go,

If you build it they will come…

     Many of you are probably thinking of that famous movie with Kevin Costner, but after thoughts of building a technology conference for teachers, many teachers came from all over the area.  What started as an idea after viewing a session at the PETE and C conference in Hershey two years  ago, has become an