DENSI Project: Templates for Digital Storytelling

This year at the DEN Summer Institute (DENSI), participants created projects to be included as professional development assets for use by Discovery Educators. Here’s one from Michigan STAR Discovery Educator, Emma Haygood and California STAR Discovery Educator, Tony Spittell.

Discovery Educators have access to the DENSI projects and more via the Educator Resources section. Simply search for DENSI2010.


  1. Tracie Belt

    This is a very helpful resource. I shared it with our English teacher. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Robin Talkowski

    Showing each one of those templates and how they would fit was great. I will definitely share this with others. Thanks.

  3. Carolyn Rains

    This is a wonderful resource for new teachers and those new or old for digital storytelling. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Melissa Warren

    This is a great video. Where can I find the templates shown in it?

  5. Bobbi Gurney

    Nice job Tony and Emma! A great resource to share with teachers!

  6. Bren Doyle

    Awesome ideas! I especially like the model of the commercial. Additionally, nice use of Prezi.

  7. Joe Brennan

    Nice work, Emma and Tony! I’ll have to add this to the resource list for my Wilkes grad students.

  8. Trina springer

    Wow, thank you.

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