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Cloud file storage, backup, and sync

Cloud file storage, backup, and sync

Ever have your computer crash or lose a flash drive? Every get home and realized the file you needed was at school/office? Cloud file storage, backup and sync services can help with those problems.With the recent announcement by Google that users will soon be able to upload any type of file to Google Docs (up to 250MB

Discovery Education Training Resources

I found this great list of Discovery Education Training Resources on Jen Dorman’s blog (she is a DEN Account Manager).Most of the great resources Discovery Education has to offer for educators are listed here.Training Resources Discovery Educator Network Discovery Education streaming – Links to service overviews, demonstrations, and efficacy research Discovery Education streaming Getting Started Guide Discovery Education Classroom Resources – Links to free resources,

Why I love Discovery Education!!

Unfortunately, much to my dismay…this summer’s DEN Summer Institute was held during the same exact week that I was already scheduled to attend another event in Washington, D.C. You can only image how torn I was inside knowing that I was going to miss out on so much fun and amazing learning but here’s the