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  1. 100 Free Web Tools for Elementary Teachers

    This fantastic list was posted on Classroom 2.0 by John Costilla.  This list contains some old favorites along with some great new finds.  Check it out and let us know how it inspired you.

  2. It's a Wrap! Max Kleene Concert

    There was a great turn out for the Max Kleene concert on September 22 at the DEN in SL ! This Canadian with the awesome voice performed live from Niagara Falls, Canada, for not only teachers in attendance but several of his loyal followers who never want to miss a performance. What was especially terrific […]

  3. MD and VA DENS Collaborate for FALL Virtual Conference

    THIS JUST IN: UFOs spotted over Silver Spring, MD Un-conference Facilitators Organize Plans are underway with our neighbors in Virginia to host an in-person un-conference in conjunction with the Tech 0r Treat Virtual Conference on October 23rd. Centered around the theme of “51 WAYS”, DEN members from both states will gather at Area 51 EAST, […]

  4. New Interactive Projector

    The Dell S300WI, a new Dell projector that is a perfect solution for an interactive classroom environment. Watch this brief 2-3 minute video for a quick demonstration of its capabilities. The Dell S300wi Interactive Projector lets you project on any surface and turn that surface into an Interactive White Board.  The Interactive Pen’s technology allows you […]

  5. The NC Museum of Art Needs Your Help

    Calling educators of all subjects and grade levels! The North Carolina Museum of Art needs your help brainstorming how works of art connect to YOUR curriculum. Come share your knowledge of the concepts you teach and two hours of your time. Your valuable information and brainwork will help us make enhancements to the Museum’s teacher […]

  6. Web 2.0 Tool of the Week: Kubbu

    Kubbu enhances online teaching by providing a free resource that allows teachers to create interactive games, puzzles, and quizzes easily.  Teachers can assign the quizzes and games to students, and generate reports to view and analyze results. Visit Kubuu to try samples of what you can create with a Kubbu account!

  7. September 25th – Check Out World Maker Faire

    Yes, that would be ‘Faire’ (with an ‘e’).  Regardless, you might be interested in the upcoming (YIKES! THIS SATURDAY!) event at the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens.  The Hall of Science is a hands-on science and technology center with over 400 exhibits.  WOW! (That’s A LOT of exhibits!)This […]

  8. Technology Brainstorm

    As we begin a new school year, let’s share some ways that we incorporate technology into our classrooms. I  am currently using technology in a variety of ways in my Reading classes, and would love to hear about what others are doing! Here are some of the tools I am currently using, as well as a few additional […]

  9. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

    On Monday, October 18th schools across the country will be celebrating 50 days until the 50th anniversary of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the far northeastern corner of Alaska by flying kites (mark your calendar for the Refuge’s anniversary on December 6th!). And they would love to have your students be a part of […]

  10. Energy Balance 101

    Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation just announced the launch of a new online curriculum powered by Discovery Education. Promoting ways to help young people achieve a healthy weight through energy balance – calories in and calories out – this curriculum is now available at no cost to educators at This engaging new curriculum, jointly developed […]

  11. DENSI Project: PowerPoint, SMART and Discovery Education

    This year at the DEN Summer Institute (DENSI), participants created projects to be included as professional development assets for use by Discovery Educators. Here’s one from Canadian STAR Discovery Educator, Sarah Thompson and Florida STAR Discovery Educator Cheryl Watford on PowerPoint, SMART and Discovery Education. Download it here. All Discovery Educators have access to the […]

  12. Recognize an Outstanding Science Educator

    Nominate an Outstanding Science Educator for an NCSTA Award       Do you know of a colleague who is outstanding in their classroom? Is this teacher someone who has exciting lessons? Is this educator a true leader and source of inspiration for other science teachers? This is the time to honor him/her with a […]

  13. Tech Overload?!?!

    At our monthly technology committee meeting today, there was a theme that resounded among everyone present: we just might be experiencing technology overload! I have to admit that I did not fully believe that this could happen, because I love my technology. I am a Media Specialist, for Pete’s sake! Suddenly, however, it seems like […]